Zarry Kiss

Zarry Kiss

I remember that “I ship Zarry more than I ship Haylor” blog in tumblr.


Kiss You – One Direction’s finally out, just a while ago. January 7, 8pm UK Time, and it’s January 8, 4am in the Philippine time zone. As a fangirl, we all want to watch it as soon as possible cuz we’ve been waiting for like 100 years (lol. that’s how I feel whenever I’m waiting something). So we made all the effort to watch it asap, before we sleep last night we set our own alarm clocks at 3:45 am. Lucky me, I woke up just before my alarm clock does.

First of all, I go on twitter and as expected..everyone in my TL was on CAPSLOCK. Of course that’s the only way to express the excitement that we feel. While waiting, I found at that it’s normal to have the longest 1 minute whenever you’re waiting for a music video premiere.

We’re all freaking out when the MV finally comes out! And I think when there’s a fucking ad popping in the video, my face is so damn funny.

So far..this MV is my favorite. I felt all the emotions while watching this for the first time, happy, sad, proud, amazed, and stunned at the boys’ amazing looks and talents.

Hope we’ll break the record of most viewed in the past 24 hours. xoxo

First day..

First day..

This photo was taken on our first day of being a senior high school students. I feel like this photo is taken yesterday.. cuz i just can’t believe this was seven months ago..time’s so fast! We have received the news a while ago about the graduation date! Of course I’m so happy that I’ll graduate in less than two months but at the same time, some part of me felt sad because my high school life will be over soon.. I think I’m not totally ready for some new friends, new school and new home.

Hell week..

Vacation’s over now..this is the last night and tomorrow will be the start of a new hell week! grrr. we’re gonna have our third periodical exam on Tuesday, the day after tomorrow! I haven’t  finished reviewing even one subject! lol. I’m dead! haha. Hope someone will help me answering all those freakin test questions, especially to solve those fcking problems in Trigonometry, Physics, and in Advance Algebra.



i miss this little cutie so much.. :[

Kiss You Music Video

wth. Three days to go before the premiere of the Kiss You MV in VEVO. and also three days to go before our exams.. ohmygolly.. what am i gonna do now? I can’t wait for his MV and this is such a big distraction in my studies. :[



first selfie of 2013. ❤